SuAVE Surveys

SuAVE survey is a tabular dataset with associated images. Examples include collections of paintings with their metadata (title, artist, dimensions of the painting, genre, museum where it is exhibited, etc.), questionnaire surveys (survey respondents visualized as icons/avatars of different types, and their responses to survey questions), collections of mineral samples (images of samples along with sample metadata such as location where the sample was obtained, name of the mineral, chemical composition, etc.) A survey may also include annotations over survey items or survey views.

When you publish a SuAVE survey, you specify a data table (a static CSV file, a Google spreadsheet, a URL to a CSV file generated on requests to a database) and a set of images or icons associated with the table.

Surveys appear as individual items in your personal survey gallery. In your gallery, you can create new surveys, set properties of existing surveys, make surveys public or private, and delete them.