Customizing surveys

In your personal survey gallery, click Edit for a selected survey. Here you can make the survey Public or Private (if the latter, the survey won’t appear in your survey gallery). Selecting Settings will provide access to several survey customizations:

Under View Options:

  • Selecting which capabilities (views) to enable on the interface
  • Selecting which variables to associate with pre-built shapes and background colors for icons, and which specific icons to associate with variable values (if the survey uses pre-built images). For example, if you published survey data without icons/images, you will be able to assign icons based on one or two variables (e.g., in the EarthCube Member Survey, select “Gender” for Shapes, “Primary Discipline” for Colors, “My Primary Role/Expertise” for dynamic text)
  • Specifying variables to associate with item names (they appear as dynamic text at the bottom of an icon/image, and as the item’s title in the right pane) and URLs to be opened when a user clicks on the item name in the right pane (if the survey uses pre-built images)
  • Editing the link to image tiles (if the survey uses user-defined images). In the case of surveys with user-defined images/icons, SuAVE expects that the survey file already contains #img variables (specifying image file names for every record) and possibly #name (for names) and #href (for urls) variables.

Under Edit Variables:

  • Adding variable qualifiers as needed
  • Clicking Advanced will let you browse and edit the data table

Under Describe Survey:

  • Specifying survey metadata to appear when SuAVE users click “About survey”

Under Re-upload Data:

  • pointing to a new version of the survey data file to replace the current data file

in SuAVE version 2, you can additionally specify a new link to survey data files (for such surveys the tab will read “Relink Data”.

Additional menu options in version 2 are related to the crowdsourcing mode