Graphic representation of survey data

Surveys can use:

  1. A default SuAVE symbol for all items. It is typically used for testing or for quick analysis of questionnaire data. it is usually replaced with photos or icons that reflect values of one or more variables.
  2. Pre-generated icons. This set of icons is limited. These icons are most appropriate for questionnaire surveys. Users can specify the shape and/or color of the icons to reflect one or two variables in the survey. For example, one can use icons with silhouettes of male and female faces to reflect variable “gender”, and use color to reflect some other variable, such as “occupation” or “age”.
  3. User-defined icons for classes of items in the survey. These icon sets can be country flags, symbols for gender/ethnicity groups, professions/occupations, resource types, etc.
  4. Individual images, one per record in the table. Such images could be paintings, photographs, archaeological artifacts, mineral samples, camera trap images, etc.