Create and Publish a Bibliographic Network

  1. Follow the steps here on how to use CorpusDB (dataset generation website) to generate your bibliographic network.
  2. Clean the dataset you generated there by following the steps linked here.
  3. Optional: If you wish to do further cleaning (or feel the need to do so), follow the steps here.
  4. If you would like images of the authors to go with the dataset, following this code.
  5. If you created images from the method in step 4, follow the first set of instructions; else, follow the second set of instructions.

With Images

  1. Go to
  2. Upload the photos that go with the dataset. Include your email, choose “file server”, and then hit submit.
  3. Make sure the names of the photos match the values in the #img column.
  4. Wait until you receive the URL from the dzgen and copy the link in the email.
  5. Follow the instructions on uploading surveys here except for one thing:
    • When uploading the new survey, paste the link of the images from dzgen under “URL” in “Image Definition”.

Without the Images

  1. Follow the instructions on uploading surveys here.

Additional Resources