Main Workflows

This section will help navigate you through some common uses for SuAVE, Limesurvey, CorpusDB, and OpenRefine. Follow the steps along with the links.

To learn how to…

  • Publish raw survey data: click here
  • Publish an image gallery: click here
  • Publish a bibliographic network: click here
  • Add a map to your SuAVE application: click here
  • Create a questionnaire linked to a SuAVE visualization: click here
  • Collect student responses for a class questionnaire and immediately show them in SuAVE: click here
  • Update a published survey or image gallery: click here
  • Share data views with collaborators: click here
  • Clone a public SuAVE application: click here
  • Launch Jupyter Notebooks from SuAVE: click here
  • Create a Limesurvey questionnaire for an existing SuAVE gallery: click here
  • Set up a registration form for a Limesurvey questionnaire: click here
  • Update images in DZGen that are used in a SuAVE visualization: click here.

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