Practice survey publishing using sample datasets

Sample Datasets – can be found here

This collection of datasets lets you experiment with different types of data.

There are three types of surveys:

  1. Surveys without associated images (such as the EarthCube Member Survey): for such surveys you can specify icons based on values of one or two variables when modifying survey settings in SuAVE.
  2. Surveys or collections with a limited set of icons/logos: typically, they are easy to publish using our tile generator (examples: the Observing Systems Explorer; the 2018 SDG Indicators dataset).
  3. Image collections with real high-resolution images: the images may differ in size, and sometimes take hours to create tile collections from (examples: the San Diego Vacant Lots survey, Picasso Paintings, the USGS Earth As Art collection, soil samples in wetlands of the Lower Mekong.)

Further, these sample datasets demonstrate spatial data of different geometric types.

In the collection of sample surveys, each survey has a README file, and all components (csv files, images, dzc collections) ready for publishing in SuAVE.

You can also see how the sample surveys appear in SuAVE at