Add Network Files to SuAVE

After generating the network files using, you should have two files: the dataset and a Netvis .json file.

Navigate to Click “New Survey”. Your screen should look like this:

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 4 53 25 PM

From here, do the following:

  1. Upload the CSV file under “Upload CSV”.
  2. Name the survey something relevant to the network files.
  3. Upload relevant images that relate to the pieces in the csv (follow the “Generating Images for SuAVE Bibliographic Network” documentation if you want to use images of the author, not the default country images).
  4. Upload the Netvis .json file under “Netvis Defintion”.

    1. This will allow for the Netvis View.
    2. This step can also be done for existing surveys. To do so, navigate to “Settings” of the survey, then “Manage Netvis”, and then upload the Netvis .json file.