Data views

Survey data in SuAVE can be shown as several types of interactive data views. Data views currently include:

  1. Grid view
  2. Bucket (bar chart, histogram) view
  3. Cross-tab view
  4. QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis)
  5. Map view

Survey publishers decide which views to make available in a specific application. Users can switch between the views by clicking respective view icons (at the top right of the screen.)

Further survey publishers decide which of the views should be the default one. Views 1-3 and 5 can be setup as initial views to be shown when SuAVE loads the data.

In addition, the icons at the top right would let the user invoke integrations that provide gateways to additional analysis. These include:

  1. R integration
  2. Jupyter notebook integration

Which views or integrations to show in an application can be also controlled in SuAVE survey URLs. In the “views” parameter in the survey URL, “1”s mean that the respective view is included, and “0”s mean that the view is excluded. For example, URL parameter


means that the following views will be included: 1. Grid; 2. Bucket; 3. Cross-tab; 5. Map; 7. Jupyter.

An additional “view” parameter in the URL specifies which view will be the default one when users open the SuAVE application. This parameter can have a value grid, bucket, crosstab, or map. For example:


in this case, the default view is “grid”. Other options are “bucket”, “crosstab”, and “map”.