Multiple Records for the Same Participant

There is no in-built LimeSurvey function to register a participant and have them be able to edit multiple responses. However, your participants can go to this site[Your Survey ID] to register as a participant each time they want to submit a response. Note: This is only necessary if you want your particpants to submit multiple reponses AND have them be able to edit each reponse

Steps to set up Participants Table:

  • Initialize Participants Table on your survey
  • Add at least one survey participant attribute (click on the Manage attributes module) .img
    • Choose an appropriate field description for the additional attribute
    • Enable Show during registration and Mandatory during registration
    • Remember to click save!

Steps for participants to register for your survey:

  • Send this url to your participants and have them register at this url each time they want to complete a response
    • url:[Survey ID]
      • ex) .img
    • Participants will receive an email with the survey link to submit one response
    • To submit another reponse with the same email, please enter a unique answer in the additional attribute field that was created
      • In the example above, the additional attribute is ID
  • Participants will be able to edit each response using the correponding survey link that was sent to the email they registered with